Collaboration on artificial intelligence: Improving lung and breast cancer care through AI-driven precision diagnostics

Åslaug Helland, OUH participant
Åslaug Helland, OUH participant

Oslo University Hospital  and Karolinska Institutet (KI) have entered a postdoctoral partnership with AstraZeneca. The aim is to improve lung and breast cancer care through AI-driven precision diagnostics.

In Oslo, we are welcoming Anna Christina Garvert as a postdoc in lung cancer, and Francisco Peña has been selected and started at KI working on breast cancer. They will be developing AI-based tools for precision medicine in cancer, utilizing existing diagnostic and clinical data to enhance patient outcomes.



Nature Communications article from Raiborg project group: Cancer cells transfer their invasive properties to non-invasive cells

Eva WenzelFirst author
Eva Wenzel
First author

Cancer cells degrade and invade their surrounding tissue by use of the enzyme MT1-MMP, which is expressed on their cell surface. In a new article published in Nature Communications on February 10, 2024, Eva Wenzel and her co-workers in Camilla Raiborg’s project group identify a new mechanism for cancer cell invasion, namely that cancer cells can transfer their invasive properties to non-invasive cells. They show how invasive cancer cells secrete catalytically active soluble forms of MT1-MMP, which dock on the surface of other cells. This enables non-invasive recipient cells to degrade and invade into the extracellular matrix, by use of the newly acquired MT1-MMP enzyme. 

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