Institute seminar May 12 10.30 Hiroko Kato Solvang

H. Solvang
H. Solvang

The institute seminar on Wednesday May 12th is given by Hiroko Kato Solvang from the Department of Genetics

Title of her talk: Beyond linearity in the relationship between DNA copy number aberration and mRNA expression in Breast Cancer

The seminar takes place in Auditorium (New Research Building Montebello) and starts at 10:30.


The study provides a statistical method to investigate linear and nonlinear dependence between gene copy number alterations and mRNA expression. We applied the method to logR values defining DNA copy number derived from 109K SNP-CGH arrays and 44K mRNA expression data, from a cohort of 102 breast tumors. Proposed method identified linear and nonlinear effects, focusing on gene locations for which copy number changes are frequent in the studied population. For the gene locations identified with linear or nonlinear relationship, significant GO terms and canonical pathway analyses showed substantially different biological processes. Elucidating the relationship between gene copy number and expression would enable identification of regulatory mechanisms of abnormal gene expression and biological pathways of regulations. Our approach to assess the validity for the dependency of the expression data on the copy number data is novel, and will help in identifying drivers in carcinogenesis.


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