Publicity from the Norwegian Cancer Society: Work from Einar K. Rofstad's group presented as "Research project of the month"

E.K. Rofstad
E.K. Rofstad

In the series "Research project of the month", presented by The Norwegian Cancer Society, work performed in Einar K. Rofstad's group at the Department of Radiation Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, the Norwegian Radium Hospital, OUS was selected for April 2012. This project deals with patient adjusted radiation treatment, employing MR techology in the development of methods to identify tumors.

The project is supported financially by The Norwegian Cancer Society.


Article about the project from the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian):
"Viktige skritt på veien til pasienttilpasset strålebehandling"

Overview - previous "Research projects of the month" from the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian)

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