Seminar June 15th in connection with Sophie D. Fosså's 70th birthday:

SD FossŚ

The Division og Surgery and Cancer Medicine celebrated Sophie D. Fosså's 70th anniversary by holding a seminar Wednesday June 15th. Leading international experts talked about the development in the understanding of prostate and testicular cancer during the 40 years Fosså has worked within the field at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

The seminar took place in the Auditorium in the research building at Montebello.

0900 - 0910: Welcome. Head of division, professor Sigbj√łrn Smeland, Division for Surgery and Cancer Medicine, Oslo University Hospital

0910 - 0955: Progress in testicular cancer management; a 30 year perspective. Professor Alan Horwich, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research, United Kingdom

0955 - 1040: Testicular Cancer: Late Effects of Therapy. Professor Lois Travis, Wilmot Cancer Center, USA

1040 - 1105: Break

1105 - 1150: Early versus delayed endocrine treatment of prostate cancer, an example of international clinical research. Professor Fritz Schröder, Erasmus University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

1150-1200: Closure. International director Jan Vincents Johannnessen

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