Cover article on personalized cancer medicine and big data in META

Johannessen (left) and Skotheim
Johannessen (left) and Skotheim

Bjarne Johannessen and Rolf Skotheim from the Department of Molecular Oncology at the Institute for Cancer Research have written about bioinformatics and big data challenges in cancer genomics. The popularized science article appeared as a cover story in the META magazine:

The META journal is published by UNINETT Sigma2, and the aim is to present research projects that are part of Notur and Norstore.

META is the magazine published by the Notur II project, the Norwegian metacenter for computational science. The magazine covers a variety of topics related to e-Infrastructure for computational science in Norway. The magazine contains popular scientific articles, news items, opinions, and information about relevant national as well as international developments. The magazine contains contributions from the Notur and NorStore partners, researchers, management, and users of the national infrastructure.


Home page of META magazine - Download #1 2015 in PDF format

Home page of Rolf I. Skotheim's group - Genome Biology

Bjarne Johannessen

Rolf I. Skotheim

Department of Molecular Oncology


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