Institute seminar Wednesday December 1st Leonardo Meza-Zepeda

The institute seminar on Wednesday December 1st is given by Leonardo Meza-Zepeda from the Department of Tumor Biology.

Title of his talk: Genetic and epigenetic control of expression phenotypes in mesenchymal tumours and differentiation

The seminar takes place in the Auditorium (New Research Building Montebello) and starts at 12:00.


Genetic and epigenetic control of expression phenotypes in mesenchymal tumours and differentiation
Leonardo Meza-Zepeda from the Department of Tumor Biology

Proliferation and differentiation programs are highly controlled processes at the genetic and epigenetic level. Using different high-throughput technologies, our group studies genome-wide and gene-centric events that govern mesenchymal biology in health and disease. The group focuses in two main areas of research:

i) Osteosarcoma genetics and epigenetics
Using different preclinical osteosarcoma panels and an integrative approach, we are unveiling pathways and transcriptional and gene networks in osteosarcomas and the way these are controlled. Genome-wide mRNA and miRNA expression, DNA copy number and methylation data are integrated to identify and explore interdependencies between genes and genetic and epigenetic events, as well as to identify recurrent pathways and gene networks that are altered in osteosarcomas. Findings will be validated using a panel of osteosarcoma clinical samples, and correlated with clinical variables.

ii) Osteogenic differentiation
Using a telomerase-immortalised bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cell line model, we are studying the differentiation process towards the osteogenic lineage. To better understand how stemness and differentiation is controlled at the molecular and cellular level, different types of genome-wide data, including chromatin remodelling and expression data are being integrated to identify transcriptional and epigenetic networks that are activated and silenced during differentiation. Our work aims better understand the balance between stemness and differentiation and its deregulation in cancer.



Leonardo Meza-Zepeda's project group - Mesenchymal Genomics

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