Institute seminar Wednesday 7th of October at 12:00 Elen K. Møller – Dept. of Cancer Genetics

E.K. Mller

The next institute seminar will be held by Elen Møller from Therese Sørlie's group at the Department of Cancer Genetics.
Title of her talk:
Breast cancer heterogeneity and the tumor dissemination process

Time and place: Wednesday 7th of October at 12:00 in the Auditorium in the Research Building at Montebello. 

Most breast cancers are diagnosed at an early stage and considered curable. Once a metastasis has arisen, the cancer becomes incurable, suggesting that prevention of metastasis represents our best opportunity to improve breast cancer survival rates. So, understanding tumor architecture and clonal composition, such as predicting the metastasis forming subclone and potential actionable subclonal targets, becomes essential for improving cancer care. Disseminated tumor cells have shown to be of clinic importance and understanding the time and process of tumor cell dissemination is of great importance to improve patient prognosis and treatment. We have compared copy number profiles of primary breast carcinomas to that of single disseminated tumor cells to further try to understand tumor heterogeneity and time of dissemination.


Elen K. Møller

Therese Sørlie's group:
Tumor initiating cells and breast cancer progression

Department of Cancer Genetics


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