Øystein Fodstad discusses metastasis theories on forskning.no

Ř. Fodstad

The much visited Norwegian popular science web side - "forskning.no" - has recently published an article on cancer metastasis. The starting point a paper from Nature News, entitled "Cancer theory faces doubts". It is suggested that the popular hypothesis on how cancers metastasize - i.e. via epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) - may now be challenged.

As a leading expert on metastasis, Øystein Fodstad from the Department of Tumor Biology at the Institute for Cancer Research has been contacted by forskning.no to give his view on the subject. In the article, Fodstad discusses various mechanisms of metastasis extensively.


The article from forskning.no (in Norwegian): Utfordrer kreftteori ("Challenges cancer theory")

Article from Nature News - Cancer theory faces doubts

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