Trial lecture and disputation February 24-25th M.Sc. Tormod A. M. Egeland

M.Sc. Tormod A. M. Egeland from Einar A. Rofstad's group at the Department of Radiation Biology will give his two trial lectures on Thursday February 24th. The lecture on his own choice - "Cancer metastasis: impact of the physiological microenvironment" starts at 14.15, while the lecture on the given subject - The use of spectroscopic NMR in cancer research starts at 15.15. The trial lectures take place in the auditorium in the new research building at OUS-Radiumhospitalet (Montebello).

Egeland will defend his PhD thesis - entitled "DCE-MRI of the physiology of human tumor xenografs" on Friday February 25th from 10.15 in "Lille Fysiske Auditorium" at UiO.



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