Karl-Johan Malmberg receives 12 million grant from Research Council

K-J. Malmberg
K-J. Malmberg

Professor Karl-Johan Malmberg from the Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital has recently been granted 12 million NOK through the FRIMEDBIO programme from The Norwegian Research Council. The project receiving support is entitled "Integrative Cellular and Molecular Profiling of Human Natural Killer Cell Repertoires".
FRIMEDBIO supports European Research Council applicants satisfying the ERC's quality specifications, but not receiving direct funding from ERC due to budget constraints. Malmberg received top grade at the ERC Consolidator Grant evaluation, and the quality of his research is considered outstanding. He heads the group "Natural Killer Cell Biology and Cell Therapy" at the Department of Immunology.

During 2013, The Norwegian Research Council financed up to 75% of ERC Consolidator Grant project budgets through the FRIMEDBIO programme, provided the projects fulfilled all ERC criteria of excellence and were recommended for funding following Step 2 of the evaluation process.


From the home pages of the Norwegian Research Council:

(Independent Projects – Medicine, Health Sciences and Biology)

In Norwegian: the distribution of 215 mill NOK to FRIMEDBIO projects in 2013
Fri prosjektstøtte: 215 millioner fordelt til prosjekter innenfor medisin, helse og biologi fra 2013

Article illustrating how the Norwegian Research Council finances applicants for ECR grants
(in Norwegian)

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