King Olav V's cancer research prize for 2014 to Harald A. Stenmark

King Olav V's cancer research prize for 2014 was on June 2nd given to professor Harald A. Stenmark from the Department of Biochemistry at the Divison of Cancer Medicine, Surgery and Transplantation, OUS.

The prestigious prize is distributed annually by the Norwegian Cancer Society, and the winner receives NOK 1.000.000.



From the web pages of the Norwegian Cancer Society (in Norwegian):

Thorough popular scientific interview

Video with Stenmark explaining his research

Criteria for the award

Links to the news from other media:

UiO-professor Harald Stenmark får kong Olav Vs kreftforskningspris (Uniforum)

Fikk prestisjefylt kreftforskningspris (Dagens medisin)


Harald A. Stenmark's CV and publications

Home page of Harald Stenmark's research group - Intracellular communication

Institute for Cancer Research

From the ceremony June 2nd 2014

From left secretary-general in the Norwegian Cancer Society Anne Lise Ryel, HM King Harald V, award winner Harald Stenmark and Paul Hellandsvik, board chairman in the Norwegian Cancer Society. Photo Thomas Barstad Eckhoff.


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