Åslaug Helland receives King Olav V's Prize for Cancer Research 2023

Åslaug Helland is awarded the prestigious prize for her excellent molecular and clinical research, particularly on lung cancer diagnosis and treatment and for her efforts to introduce precision oncology for all types of cancer in Norway. The prize, one million NOK, will be presented by HM King Harald V in a ceremony in Oslo on 2 May.

From the home page of Matrix - Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research:
We congratulate Åslaug Helland on this well-deserved recognition for outstanding research efforts over many years. Helland has made important contributions in characterising and identifying target populations of patients and in understanding cancer resistance mechanisms across multiple tumour types. She has taken even more important and key roles in designing, conducting, and analysing seminal trials, documenting the clinical efficacy of cancer therapies and setting out their use in lung cancer and other indications. In recent years, Åslaug Helland has also played a central role in building a national initiative within precision cancer medicine in Norway, and she heads the ongoing national, researcher-initiated clinical trial IMPRESS-Norway for patients with advanced cancer and where treatment is offered based on the molecular profile of the cancer tumour.

Read the complete news article from Matrix:
Åslaug Helland receives King Olav V's Prize for Cancer Research 2023 - Matrix (matrix-fkb.no)

Secretary General of the Norwegian Cancer Society Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross together with the prize winner Åslaug Helland. Photo: Jorunn Valle Nilsen, The Norwegian Cancer Society.


News article from The Norwegian Cancer Society:
Kreftforeningens forskningspris til Åslaug Helland. (kreftforeningen.no)

News article from Aftenposten, 27.04.2023:
Kreften hadde spredt seg overalt i kroppen. Men Kari Grønås ble ikke gitt opp av legen sin. (aftenposten.no)

Åslaug Helland's publications

Åslaug Helland's research group:
Translational studies on solid tumours

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