Institute seminar Wednesday May 27th Mouldy Sioud

The institute seminar on Wednesday May 27th was held by Mouldy Sioud.

Title: "RNA interference: Separation of unwanted effects from gene silencing and strategies for breaking immune tolerance to tumour cells"

Time and place: 12:00, Seminar Room, F4, Institute for Cancer Research.

Current RNA interference (RNAi) technologies often yield confusing results in functional studies and siRNA screens due to the unwanted effects such as the activation of innate immunity and silencing off-target genes. We have alleviated these problems by developing innovative strategies that separate RNAi from immune activation and off-target effects. Depending of the design, we also demonstrated that the function of dendritic cells can be modulated by RNAi resulting in the generation of "super" DCs capable of activating T cells in vitro and in vivo. Thus, immune tolerance against tumour antigens can be broken by altering DC function and vaccine design. I will present some of the data mentioned-above and also provide a teaching overview for the beginner and the expert.


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