The new Scientific Advisory Board for the Institute for Cancer Research meets

The Institute for Cancer Research has recently renewed and rotated its Scientific Advisory Board that provide regular reviews of scientific output,  quality and performance and gives advice on research strategy.

The SAB consist of six highly distinguished scientists recruited from different institutions in Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Austria. They represent a variety of different scientific backgrounds in basic, translational and clinical cancer research, collectively have a great set of complementary competencies and a long track record of scientific and strategic leadership experience. They  are thus very well equipped for evaluating the scientific activity at the institute.

Read about the members of the ICR SAB here .

SAB review January 2021  

The SAB has earlier this week finished a review of the scientific activity of the Institute of Cancer Research. The review was performed on zoom due to the current pandemic (see picture) and since we could not show the new SAB our lab space and facilities, the SAB was presented with a video presenting the institute to give an impression of working conditions in our buildings and that you can watch here. The SAB was also beforehand presented with written material that included an overview of the overall research strategy of the institute, strategic projects in progress, development and work to address earlier SAB comments and material from all the sections and research groups at the institute. During the review the SAB received a presentation from each department and each of its research group and had the opportunity to ask individual group leaders questions regarding the scientific strategy and output. The SAB will also present the institute with written feedback that will be used in our continuing work to develop and improve.   

Evaluation of the scientific activity of the institute is an important way to improve the quality and output of science produced ensuring that the institute continues to deliver cutting-edge research and stays abreast with strategic and scientific development internationally. 


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