Øyvind S. Bruland author chapter on radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases

Ř.S. Bruland

Øyvind S. Bruland, Professor of Clinical Oncology at the Institutute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo and The Norwegian Radium Hospital has written a chapter entitled "Radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases" in the new "Handbook of Cancer-related Bone Disease.

Co-author is Professor Oliver Sartor, Tulane University, USA and the chapter reviews experiences with bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals aimed for pain palliations, combinations with chemotherapy or bisphosphonates, as well as discusses the potentials new generation substances under clinical development.

This handbook of 2010 compiles a clear summary of clinically relevant information with recommendations for treatment of cancer-related bone disease and puts a multidisciplinary approach at centre stage.


Information on the book with its contents and preface, contributors and a pdf of a chapter on "Radio-isotope treatments for bone metastases": Handbook of Cancer-Related Bone Disease (PDF)

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