New group leader at the Institute for Cancer Research: J├Şrgen Wesche appointed group leader for the Mesenchymal Cancer Biology Group at the Department of Tumor Biology

J°rgen Wesche

Jørgen Wesche earned his PhD in Sjur Olsnes's group in 2001, studying intracellular transport and membrane translocation. During his postdoctoral training, spending some time at Institute Curie in Paris, he has changed his focus towards problems with more translational relevance, specializing in live cell imaging, fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) signaling and importance of FGFR in cell migration/invasion. Aberrations in FGFR signaling are found in several types of sarcoma and that´s the main reason way Jørgen started to get interested in sarcoma biology and treatment. He has several exciting ideas on how to further develop his research into more translational/clinical relevance.

Wesche has been selected through a long and thorough processs, starting with a scientific committee consisting of Pål Falnes, UiO, Mef Nilbert, Lund University and Bass Hassan, University of Oxford to evaluate all applicants. Then the top ranked candidates were invited to two rounds of interviews.

Jørgen is at present a researcher/project group leader in the group of Antoni Wiedlocha at Department of Molecular Cell Biology.


Home page of Jørgen Wesche's present project group at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology: Cancer cell migration and metastasis

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