Kjetil Taskén is awarded the UiO innovation prize

This year's five award winners
This year's five award winners

The University Board at the University of Oslo (UiO) annually awards prizes to scientific staff for outstanding efforts and results. Kjetil Taskén receives this year's innovation prize, and he is awarded the prize for his instrumental work in building up precision cancer medicine in Norway.
- We highlight UiO's very best researchers, communicators and teachers through these awards. This year's five award winners show that long-term, purposeful and hard work contributes to increased competence and knowledge which benefits us all, says rector Svein Stølen.

The prize is awarded at UiO's annual party in September, and the winners receive NOK 250,000 and a work of art.
The prize money will go to measures that can help to strengthen innovation, in accordance with the prize winner's wishes.


Comprehensive news article from MATRIX - Norwegian Centre for Clinical Cancer Research:
Kjetil Taskén is awarded the UiO innovation prize

From the home page of the University of Oslo (in Norwegian):
Hedrer fremragende ansatte

Home page of Kjetil Taskén's research group:
Cell Signalling and Immune Regulation

Kjetil Taskén's publications

The Department of Cancer Immunology

Institute for Cancer Research

This year's five winners are Kjetil Taskén, Cathrine Moe Thorleifsson, Dag Kristian Dysthe, Mareile Kaufmann and Øystein Linnebo. Photo: UiO / Øystein Horgmo / Center for Basic Research / Karoline Kvellestad


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