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Leonardo Meza-Zepeda on TV2
Leonardo Meza-Zepeda on TV2

Research activities performed by scientiste employed at the Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital have recently been presesented via major Norwegian media channels. Guro Lind from the Dept. of Cancer Prevention has been invited by "NRK Ekko"(the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) to talk about blood based testing for early detection of colorectal cancer. On April 20th Leonardo Meza-Zepeda and Ola Myklebost from the Dept. of Tumor Biology commented on the subject "New genetic test may revolutionize cancer treatment" on the major Norwegian TV channel "TV2".


Associated group leader Guro E. Lind invited to Ekko, NRK P2

TV2 : Ny gentest kan revolusjonere kreftbehandlingen (translated to "New genetic test may revolutionize cancer treatment")

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