The CCC council has granted support to 23 research projects for 2010

The list of research projects receiving funding from the Comprehensive Cancer Centre for 2010 has now been announced. A total of 3.3 MNOK has been distributed, of which 3.0 MNOK from the The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation and 0.3 MNOK from the Anderaas legacy.

The CCC council received in total 36 applications, and was impressed with the high quality. Altogether it was applied for MNOK 8,3.

In the treatment of the applications, the CCC council has placed importance on the quality of the project, whether it transcends clinics, scientific publications, international collaborations, translation element, as well as other factors.

The funding is administered by the Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation, except the two fundings from Anderaas legacy, which will be administered by "stabsenheten FoU".


The 23 research projects granting support from CCC council for 2010:

Project leader Amount
Erlend B. Smeland 150000  
Gunhild M. Mælandsmo 150000  
Gunnar Kristensen/Heidi Lyng 150000  
Jon Amund Kyte 50000  
Kristian Berg 50000  
Ola Myklebost 160000  
Vessela N. Kristensen/Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale  100000  
Randi G. Syljuåsen 100000  
Yvonne Andersson/Øystein Fodstad 100000  
Martin Turzer 150000 (Anderaas legacy)
Arne Kolstad 200000  
Bjørn Naume 400000  
Geir Olav Hjortland 100000  
Harald Holte  300000  
Jon Håvard Loge 170000  
Odd Terje Brustugun/Åslaug Helland 100000  
Sophie Fosså 170000  
Åslaug Helland/ Giske Ursin Grotmol  100000  
Harald Holte/Jan Delabie 100000  
Ben Davidson 200000  
Vivi Ann Flørenes 50000  
Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda 100000  
Svein Dueland 150000 (Anderaas legacy)
Sum: 3300000  


The Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation

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