The Klaas Breur Gold Medal to Dag Rune Olsen

Professor Dag Rune Olsen from the Department of Radiation Biology is awarded Klaas Breur Gold Medal for 2008. He got this prestigious prize for his research in the area of radiation treatment related to cancer.
The Klaas Breur Gold Medal is the highest rated award for research in this field in Europe. It has previously been distributed 26 times. Olsen is the third researcher from Nordic countries to receive the prize.

Olsen received the award during the 27th European Conference on Radiation Treatment and Cancer in Gothenburg, where this years ESTRO conference took place 14-18 September.

ESTRO, The European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology was founded in Milan in September 1980 as a Society of individual members and is the only European society to represent all professionals involved in the management of cancer patients using radiotherapy.

ESTRO’s principal objectives are to:

  • Support and promote all aspects of radiation oncology
  • Develop standards for quality assurance in radiation oncology, radiation physics, radiation technology and radiobiology throughout Europe and encourage their implementation
  • Improve the standard of cancer treatment by establishing radiation oncology as a clinical specialty integrated with other cancer treatment modalities
  • Promote the international exchange of scientific information on radiotherapy and oncology and related scientific fields including radiation physics, radiobiology and radiation technology
  • Set standards for education and practice in radiation oncology and provide educational courses and materials to meet the needs of all radiation oncology professionals
  • Establish relationships and encourage co-operation with international, national and regional societies and organisations in the field of radiation oncology.


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