The PRAVO research project presented in national newspaper Verdens Gang

AH Ree
AH Ree

The Pelvic Radiation and Vorinostat (PRAVO) phase 1 translational study on the histone deacetylase inhibitor vorinostat in palliative radiotherapy - which was recently published in The Lancet Oncology - was presented over 2 pages in the June 20th issue of VG - Norway’s largest print newspaper - under the heading "Experiments of life".
In the VG article professor Anne Hansen Ree, who is first author of the scientific report, is interviewed about the multidisciplinary research activity that resulted in the PRAVO study.

The PRAVO study is the first clinical trial to report on the combination of this class of epigenetic drugs with radiotherapy. In the public media presentation, one of the PRAVO patients provides her poignant history of the course of her colon cancer disease and imparts on her strong conviction of participating in such trials for the benefit of cancer research.


"Eksperimenterer med livet" - article from VG with interview with Anne Hansen Ree and with one of the PRAVO patients (PDF format)

Phase 1 trial on molecularly targeted radiotherapy published in The Lancet Oncology by researchers from The Norwegian Radium Hospital (previous news article from about Ree, Dueland, Flatmark, and co-workers)

Anne Hansen Ree's publication list

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