Award from The Norwegian Cancer Society: "Research Project of the Month" for February 2012 to Paal F. Brunsvig

P. Brunsvig
P. Brunsvig
The Norwegian Cancer Society's "Research project of the month" for February 2012 went to Paal F. Brunsvig from the "Department of Oncology", where he is head of the "Clinical Cancer Research Unit". Brunsvig received the prize for his work on lung cancer vaccines designed to prevent relapse and enabling the body's own immune system to defeat cancer cells that have survived chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The announcement of "Research Project of the Month" is a way of giving special attention to successful researchers the Norwegian Cancer Society are supporting.


The presentation of the Norwegian Cancer Society's "Research Project of the Month" for February 2012:
"Lungekreftvaksine gir håp for fremtiden" ("Lung cancer vaccine gives hope for the future")

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