Research projects

Oslo Bariatric Surgery Study (OBSS): A prospective study of cognitive functioning and physical activity before and after overweight surgery. One project examines cognitive functioning in patients before and after obesity surgery and one project investigates changes in physical activity over time after surgery.

Neuropsychological functioning in eating disorders: Several studies examining neuropsychological difficulties in patients with eating disorders.

Incidence of eating disorders: Cross-sectional study on the incidence of eating disorders in adolescents and incidence in the specialist health service using NPR data.

Body project: Effect of a preventive group-based intervention of eating disorders in risk groups such as patients with diabetes and body image concerns.

Treatment of eating disorders: Studies the effect of Temperament based therapy with support (TBTS) for patients with anorexia, trial of Body project treatment manual for patients with eating disorders and group treatment of patients with binge eating disorder.

Validation of questionnaires / interviews used in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders

Risk factors for the development of eating disorders (EDGE project): Cross-sectional study with retroactive data on stressful life events where patients with eating disorders are compared with a control group. In addition, collected genetic information to investigate on gene-environment interaction for the development of eating disorders

The staff project: Aim is to investigate job satisfaction and burnout among staff working in specialized eating disorders units.

Follow-up examination of patients treated at the child and adolescent unit at RASP: Follow-up study approx. 2.5 years after discharge, patients who have been treated at the child and adolescent unit at RASP are interviewed to describe the course and experiences of the treatment in both patients, siblings and parents.

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