NORMA - Norwegian Microbiota study in Anorexia nervosa

The Norwegian microbiota study in anorexia Nervosa (NORMA) investigates the gut microbiota in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN); how the gut microbiota differs from healthy controls and how it changes during and after treatment. We will also investigate the associations with typical AN symptoms like gastrointestinal problems, reduced appetite and anxiety. The study will contribute to more knowledge about the gut microbiota in AN and hopefully lead to improved treatment options, potentially more specific dietary advice and/or AN specific prebiotic-supplements. The study is a longitudinal multicentre study and the aim is to recruit 90 patients with AN and 90 healthy controls (from august 2023 until summer 2025). All patients with AN referred to inpatient treatment at one of five specialised centres for eating disorders (Levanger, Bodø, Bergen, Oslo or Modum) will be asked to participate in the study. If the aim of 90 patients is reached, this will be the largest study on AN and gut microbiota internationally. 

The NORMA study is funded by The Research Council of Norway, and the project-leader of the study is professor Siv Kjølsrud Bøhn (NMBU) and professor Øyvind Rø (RASP) is medically responsible in the study. The Karolinska institute, SPISFO and ROS are also cooperating partners in the study. Contact person at RASP Ida Heir Hovland (PhD candidate). 

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