FACS Aria II cell sorter, 405, 488, 561 and 647 nm lasers (Montebello)


FACS Aria IIu SORP high speed sorter:
405, 488, 561 and 640 nm lasers

• Can sort up to 30,000 events/sec. (70 psi, 90 kHz).
• Four air-cooled lasers at 405 (100mW), 488 (100mW), 561 (35mW) and 647 (60mW) nm.
• Multi-color analysis of 16 parameters (2 scatter, 14 fluorescence).
• Sort four different populations simultaneously.
• Sort into 6, 24, 48, 96 and 384 well plates.
• Sort onto glass slides.
• Aerosol containment.
• Temperature control on samples and collected tubes from 4° to 37°C.
• PC-based FACS DiVa Software.


Cell Sorting at the FACS Aria II is available by appointment with the Core Facility, contact us at: flowcytometri@rr-research.no

Users bring prepared samples and the Core Facility staff will sort them.

Location: Room K03.078

We would like to help you find the best staining combination. The filter setup shown to the right is the default filter setup, but we offer a wide range of alternative filters and beam splitters to suit other fluorochromes (alternative fluorochrome(s) must be excitable by our lasers). The number of detectors per laser is, however, locked (5 PMTs on the 561, 3 each on the 640 and 405 and 2 on the 488nm), so always contact us before adding new stains to your sort setup.


  • Helse Sør-Øst (HSØ)users: 600 kr/h 
  • Academic users outside HSØ: 900kr/h
  • Collaboration HSØ + commercial users: 1200kr/h
  • Commercial users: 1800kr/h


**One can use this powerful violet laser (100mW) to excite Hoechst dyes, the quality of the excitation will still be adequate for most purposes.

Many other reagents are utilizable on this machine. Please contact the facility staff or use one of the spectra viewers listed at our Useful links page.

For multi-parameter experiments please make sure you look at our Optimal detector Voltages and Signal Spreading matrix page.

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