LSR II Yellow laser (Montebello): 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm line lasers

LSR II is an analytical platform with solid state diode lasers, advanced fluorescence detection with fiber optics and optimized beam path, and digital signal processing. The yellow laser is perfect for exiting the PE-fluorchrome and PE-conjugates.

Room: K03.080


  • Four air cooled Coherent lasers at 405 nm(100mW), 488 nm(100mW), 561 nm(45mW) and 640 nm(40mW).
  • Multicolour analysis of 19 parameters (2 scatter, 17 fluorescence).
  • PC-based FACS DiVa software.


Trained users may use the LSR II without Core Facility supervision. Users may sign up on the booking website.

Training will be set up for interested users after appointment.

Please e-mail us at

Booking for trained users at


Analysis fee (DIY):

  • Helse Sør-Øst users: 150 kr/h 
  • Academic users outside Helse Sør-Øst: 225 kr/h 
  • Commercial users: 450 kr/h

Fee assistance: 500 kr/h + instrument fee


Examples of fluorochromes that can be used:

* There are certain reagent combinations that can be problematic to analyze simultaneously.

**One can use this powerful violet laser (100mW) to excite Hoechst dyes, the quality of the excitation will still be adequate for most purposes.

Many other reagents are utilizable on this machine. Please contact the facility staff or use one of the spectra viewers listed at our Useful links page.

For multi-parameter experiments please make sure you look at our Optimal detector Voltages and Signal Spreading matrix page.

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