– 02.10.2021: A novel metabolomics study of human 3-NPA intoxication, reporting the first case in Norway and the second in Scandinavia, is published by us (Skogvold et al., 2021). 

– 10.08.2021: EpilepsiNett has highlighted our lately published PDE review paper on its facebook account (Click here)

– 02.08.2021: A pioneer Review article on "Eye Make-up Products and Dry Eye Disease" is written by us (Yazdani et al., 2021).

– 23.07.2021: A new Method Paper, adding valuable information to the field of Clinical Metabolomics, is published by us (Skogvold et al., 2021). 

– 17.07.2021: For the first time, "the role of oxidative stress in pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy" is reviewed by us (Yazdani and Elgstøen, 2021).

– 17.06.2021: Congratulations to our MSc student, Marielle Storbråten, on her successful thesis defence.

– 25.05.2021: Metabolomics day of our group! A forum to share ideas, discuss detailed issues, review ongoing projects, etc.

– 21.04.2021: Group's blog is now available: Metabolomikk - et detaljert øyeblikksbilde av pasienten

– 26.03.2021: VG Newspaper has published a report on Eyelash Growth Serums written by Dr. Mazyar Yazdani and Professor Tor Paaske Utheim.

– 12.03.2021: A joint PhD Funding Application written by Dr. Mazyar Yazdani and a group at Oslo Metropolitan University has been granted.

– 01.01.2021: We welcome Dr. Mazyar Yazdani, a new member of our group.

– 10.12.2020: Congratulations to our 2020 Master graduates: Hege Sofie Haugan, Katrine Pettersen and Monica Akashnor Kaur.

– 19.11.2020: Metabolomikk; Kunsten å se hele biokjemien.

– 22.10.2020: Å lede er å forstå.

– 30.07.2019: First-ever Review Paper on "Tear Metabolomics in Dry Eye Disease" is published by us (Yazdani et al., 2019).