• Protocols

The main protocol we use in our lab has been published by Skogvold et al., 2021.


  • Basics (youtube)

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry (Link)

Introduction to Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (Link)


  • Instruments (youtube)
Q Exactive & Ultimate 3000 by Environmental Protectin lab (Link)
HPLC by Seeding Labs (Link1, Link2)
Mass Spectrometry Tutorial: How to Tune Your Analytes (Link)


  • Statistics for metabolomics (youtube)

A very good lecture by Dr. David Wishart at Alberta University, Canada (Link)


  • Software (videos)

– FreeStyle

Annotating Data (Link)


– Compound Discoverer

What is Compound Discoverer? (Link)

Getting Started (Link)

Workflow Basics (Link)

Troubleshooting (Link)