Extracurricular Activities

– 27.03.2024: An "Italian lunch", made by Sonia at work, after a successful collaboration with Tara and Mazyar :).

From left: Tara Rolic, Mazyar Yazdani & Sonia Distante 


– 04.01.2024: "Group lunch" at a reataurant in Oslo for the New Year 2024 :).

From left: Henning Cederkvist, Sander Guttorm, Mazyar Yazdani, Helge Rootwelt, Hanne Skogvold, Katja ElgstøenElise Sandås 


– 09.10.2023: Late "Summer Gathering" after work at "Fangene på Fortet". Colleagues first played "Escape Room" and then ate dinner together :).

From left: Mingyi Yang, Mazyar Yazdani, Helge Rootwelt, Katja Elgstøen, Elin Hollseter, Lars Eide, Marte Eikenes, Viktoria Holskvik, Bjørn Dalhus, Emma Lillebø, Sonia Distante & Tara Rolic 



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