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NorHead Advisory Board meeting in Trondheim 17-18th January

The Scientific Advisory Board in NorHead – the Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – met in Trondheim to discuss the new projects. The Board is led by Aamodt and with Prof Hans Chr Diener, Essen, Professor Messoud Ashina from Copenhagen, Professor Simona Sacco from L` Aquila in Italy, Professor Peter Goadsby, London, and Prof. Hedvig Nordeng, Oslo as members.


Funding for new RCT in migraine

The Nordic Chronic Migraine Trial of CGRP monoclonal antibody and onabotulinumtoxin A dual therapy – a randomized-controlled double-blind trial (NorMig) – a new RCT led by Aamodt was awarded 9 mill NOK from the South Eastern Health Authority in December 2023



A vision for stroke and vision

In collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology at Oslo University Hospital, the Department of Neurology is involved in several projects on visual impairment in stroke. The randomized placebo-controlled international study with tenecteplase in CRAO – TenCRAOS – led by Aamodt - ongoing in 7 countries is approaching the final inclusion. So far, 61 patients are included. Another key study in this field is the StrokeVIS study is also soon finalizing the inclusions. In this study the nurses are unsing the VISA tool in acute stroke patients assessing visual impairments. These assessments are compared to the gold standard, assessments by orthoptist Anna-Katharina Litzen-Jørstad, from the Department of Ophthalmology. During the project period she has been working at the Department of Neurology two days a week. Both studies are part of Stephen J. Ryan's PhD project.

The first PhD in the NOR-FIB study – dr. Barbara Ratajczak-Tretel

Dr. Barbara Ratajczak-Tretel was created with PhD after the dissertation with dataa from the Nordic atrial fibrillation and stroke (NOR-FIB) study on the 24th November 2023. She has contributed in all phases of this international multicenter study and her thesis “Uncovering underlying aetiologies in cryptogenic stroke: The Nordic Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke (NOR-FIB) Study”, she has focused on long-term follow-up to uncover etiology in patients with cryptogenic cerebral infarction and TIA. After one-year follow-up of the patients in with cryptogenic stroke and TIA in NOR-FIB almost half of the patients had the etiology revealed.  Nearly 30% of the patients had paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and cardioembolism as the probable cause.1 in 5 had a different etiology revealed, despite the fact that the etiology was unknown after thorough investigation initially. The NOR-FIB study has been led from the neurology department at OUS by Anne Hege Aamodt, who has also been Barbara's main supervisor. Prof. Dan Atar, Head of Research, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo. Prof. Erik Taubøll was the defense supervisor, Prof. Ana Catarina Fonseca from the University of Lisbon was the first opponent, Prof. Maja-Lisa Løchen from the University of Tromsø was the second opponent and Prof. Bjørnar Hassel was the committee leader.


The Norwegian Breian Awareness Week - week 47

The Brain Awareness Week was opened at Oslo University Hospital -  Rikshospitalet on with a headache meeting in collaboration with the user organization Hodepine Norge, represented here by chairperson Tine Pole and secretary general Laila Mathisen together with the headache team at Oslo University hospital -  Ass.Prof. Anne Hege Aamodt and dr. Bendik Winsvold. During the meeting, the winner of the award for the most head-friendly workplace was also announced - it was DNB. Many employees will benefit from this. There were many attendees and in addition over 150 who participated digitally.

From left: Anne Hege Aamodt, Bendik Winsvold, Tine Poole and Laila Mathisen.


Stroke in brain awareness week

The stroke meeting was held on the 21st November in the main auditorium at Oslo University Hospital in collaboration with all four stroke user organizations - LHL Stroke and Aphasia, the National Association for Stroke, the Norwegian Association for Stroke and the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted. The meeting was streamed with many online participants in addition to on-site participants. 


NorMoyamoya meeting in Oslo 2-3. November 2024

The Nordic Moyamoya study meeting was held in Oslo on 2nd-3rd of November with Prof. Anna Bersano from Milan and participants from the Nordic countries. The Nordic sites are building up collaborating on clinical work and research projects.

Podcast with moyamoya

Dr. Jesper Sømark, the coordinator in the moyamoya project at Oslo University Hospital, has presented moyamoya in the podcast for rare diseases “Sjeldenpodden”

Listen to an impressing patient history on SpotifyApple podcast​. Full text version of the podcast is available  Sjeldenpoddens nettside. 

Results from the TENSION trial - Endovascular thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke with established large infarct: multicentre, open-label, randomised trial – published in Lancet

Prof. Götz Thomalla, Aamodt and Prof. Martin Bendszuz.

The trial was presented by Prof. Martin Bendzus, Heidelberg at World Stroke Congress in Toronto i October. The results demonstrate the effect of endovascular therapy in patients with large core infarcts -18% absolute increase in patients able to walk unaided and 11% decreased mortality.
The study was led from Hamburg (Prof. Götz Thomalla) and Heidelberg (Prof. Martin Bendszus). Aamodt was national lead in Norway and PI at Oslo University Hospital – including 90% of the Norwegian patients in the study.

The Norwegian Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Study (NOR-FIB) presentation at the European Academy of Neurology Congress (EAN2023) in Budapest July 1st-4th 2023. 

The first biomarker results from the NOR-FIB study were presented at EAN 2023. PhD student Anna is the first author of this sub study that was presented by the Chief Investigator Anne Hege Aamodt. The study is published in the European Journal of Neurology

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Brain Health at the European Academy of Neurology Congress (EAN2023) in Budapest.

Brain Health was the main topic at several sessions during the EAN Congress. Anne Hege Aamodt chaired the session on July 1st where Professor Giovanni B Frisoni from University of Geneva, Dr. Agne Straukiene from Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Orla Galvin Executive Director of the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) and dr Harris Eyre from Brain Capital Alliance; OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, USA (hybrid) gave their talks.Also, the NeuroCOVID, NorMoyamoya and the TenCRAOS trial were presented at the EAN Congress. 

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Improving brain and vascular health at the population level: Lessons from the Norwegian success story

New data demonstrating decreasing incidence on stroke and dementia in Norway has been published by an international group working with brain health led by Prof Vladimir Hachinski, previous president of the World Federation of Neurology and founder of World Brain Alliance. Among the members are the president of the EAN Paul Boon and Anne Hege Aamodt. The paper was published in the European Journal of Neurology in May with an editorial.


TenCRAOS investigators from Australia and the European countries met at ESOC and the study was presented by PhD student Stephen J. Ryan during the congress. Thanks to all the investigators for contributions to the strong recruitement in TenCRAOS trial!

Thrombectomy in large core infarcts

New results published in NEJM on thrombectomy in large core infarcts. As a consequence of the results of these trials the TENSION trial, led from Hamburg and Heidelberg and with Aamodt as the national lead in Norway, has completed the inclusions. The results will be presented later this year.

More information: 
Ny forskning: – Stort fremskritt for trombektomi for de aller mest alvorlige hjerneslagene (Interview with Aamodt published in Dagens Medisin, 20.02.2023)


Stroke & Vision presented in media

The TenCRAOS, NorVIS and StrokeVIS project presented in media by PhD student Stephen J. Ryan and Prof. Helle Falkenberg and Aamodt. The TenCRAOS is ongoing in 8 countries. 30 of 78 patients have been included so far. Visual impairment after stroke is very common. The NorVIS and StrokeVIS studies are focusing on lifting the burden of visual impairment after stroke and improving health care.

Congratulations to Prof Helle Falkenberg with the LHL Hjerneslag and Afasi Honorary Award 2023!

The National Heart & Brain Conference 2023

The National Heart & Brain Conference was arranged in Oslo February 16-17th 2023 in the tradition after David Russell who founded this multidisciplinary conference. All Norwegian health regions were represented among the participants, speakers and moderators.
The program committee consisted of Prof Dan Atar, Dr Kristoffer Russell, Prof Mona Skjelland, Dr Christian G. Lund, Dr. Stephen J. Ryan and Anne Hege Aamodt (Chair of the conference).

SAB meeting February 9-10th in Trondheim: The Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – NorHEAD 

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – NorHEAD – is led by Aamodt and with Prof Hans Christoph Diener (Germany), Simona Sacco (Italy), Peter Goadsby (UK) and Messoud Ashina (Denmark) in the board. The first meeting in the SAB was arranged on February 9-10th in Trondheim where the planned and ongoing projects in NorHEAD led by Director Prof Erling Tronvik were discussed. 

Study led by Aamodt and Atar receive attention: Atrial fibrillation the hidden cause of stroke in many patients

Anne Hege Aamodt, chief investigator
Anne Hege Aamodt, chief investigator

A study led by Anne Hege Aamodt, head of the "Stroke, headache and covid research group" at the Department of Neurology and cardiologist Dan Atar has shown that atrial fibrillation is the hidden cause of stroke in many patients, and that long-term heart rhythm monitoring of patients can prevent recurrent strokes in this group.
The results are presented in the European Stroke Journal. The findings have been summarized in a news article on, the English version of the award-winning popular science web site, and presented via major Norwegian news outlets.

September 30th 2022: The Norwegian Research Days

Brain Health perspectives and lifestyle was the topic The Norwegian Research Days - "Forskningsdagene" - at Lillestrøm Innovation Centre the September 30th with Aamodt as lecturer.

Moyamoya course for users and next-of kin

On the 22nd of September the moyamoya team at Oslo University Hospital arranged a course for patients with moyamoy and ther next-of-kin. In 2021 Aamodt got grants from Through a pilot project with previous grants from Dam and Odd Fellow to a quality project in moyamoya. In cooperation with the user organisation Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Association and our user panel at the Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital, we have streamlined the workflow with a structured «one-door-in» strategy and state of the art diagnostic work-up for treatment and follow-up of moyamoya patients in Norway. We have established courses led by the moyamoya team and user representatives covering central topics including information on disease and treatment, coping strategies, lifestyle factors and networking platforms for patients and next-of-kin.

Anne Hege Aamodt – chair of the Scientific Advisory Board in Norwegian Centre for Headache Research – NorHEAD

The Norwegian Centre for Headache Research (NorHEAD) in Trondheim was opened the on 1st of September and will carry out world-leading research on headache disorders. NorHEAD is a Centre for Clinical Treatment Research, funded by the Research Council of Norway. NorHEAD will. The goal is to systematize and improve current treatment knowledge and develop new and innovative therapies for the benefit of patients suffering from headache disorders. Oslo University Hospital is a partner in NorHEAD and several of the headache studies led from Oslo, such as the CovaxHEAD study, is under the NorHEAD umbrella. Aamodt has a part-time position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is the chair of the Scientific Advisory board with 4 leading international professors. 

1st of September 2022: The Norwegian Headache Research Centre formally opened

The Norwegian Headache Research Centre will have the formal opening the 1st of September.

Aamodt is the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of NorHEAD – the Norwegian Headache Research Centre - and is from the 1st of August 2022 affiliated to NTNU. 

NorHEAD is a Centre for Clinical Treatment Research funded by the Research Council of Norway. NorHEAD will carry out world-leading research on headache disorders with the goal to systematize and improve current treatment knowledge, and develop new and innovative therapies for the benefit of patients suffering from headache disorders.

Summer celebrations in the cerebrovascular research group and invited partners

Circulus Willisi and with a bypass between the left anterior and medial cerebral artery - made by members of the cerebrovascular research group


June 22-28 2022: EAN Neuro-Covid Registry (ENERGY) meeting in Vienna

The Norwegian centres participate in the ENERGY register. 
The data are delivered from Prjcts Ledidi in the Norwegian NeuroCovid study, led by Aamodt.

More information on ENERGY

The ENERGY study team


June 22-28 2022: Results from the Norwegian NeuroCovid Study presented at EAN Congress

Results from the Norwegian NeuroCovid Study led by Anne Hege Aamodt were presented at the EAN Congress in Vienna by postdoc Marion Boldingh, Department of Neurology, Oslo University Hospital.

The TenCRAOS trial

The TenCRAOS trial is recruiting steadily new centres and have follow-up meetings with the activated centres heading for more inclusions.

Meetings with Belgian centres Antwerpen, Erasme, Leuven and Brussels, the Danish centres Bispebjerg University Hospital and Aarhus, Bergen and Kristiansand, the Austrian lead, dr. Slaven Pikija at Kristian Doppler University Hospital in Salzburg and the national lead in Lithuania, Associate Professor Jurgita Valaikiene have recently been arranged.

April 5th 2022 at Domus Medica, University of Oslo: The 6th National Meeting on Endovascular Intervention on Acute Ischemic Stroke

On 5 April, the 6th national meeting on endovascular intervention in acute cerebral infarction was organized in the Runde auditorium at Domus Medica with OUS and UiO as hosts. A number of OUS employees contributed with lectures in addition to contributions from other Norwegian thrombectomy centers and neurology professor Bruce Campbell from Melbourne, Australia.

The Norwegian Stroke Association and the Norwegian Neuroradiology Association are behind the meetings, which have been organized annually since the Year of the Brain 2015 with Anne Hege Aamodt as the prime mover. In addition, Rajiv Advani, Mona Skjelland, Christian Lund, Else Charlotte Sandset, Stephen J. Ryan, Brian Enriquez and neuroradiologist Terje Nome and anesthetist from OUS and Marianne Altmann from Ahus participated in the event committee.

It was the first physical meeting since the start of the pandemic and with the good help of IT in the Medical Association, the meeting was organized as a hybrid.

Formidlingsprisen 2022 fra Norsk nevrologisk forening til Anne Hege Aamodt

Anne Hege Aamodt
Anne Hege Aamodt

Anne Hege Aamodt er tildelt Formidlingsprisen 2022 fra Norsk nevrologisk forening for sitt formidable arbeid med å fremme norsk nevrologi både nasjonalt og internasjonalt.

Les saken fra hjemmesiden til Norsk nevrologisk forening:
Formidlingsprisen 2022 gikk til Anne Hege Aamodt

Informasjon om studien på NRK P1+, frokostradioen 11.1.22: Hjernehelse ved covid-19

Oppdatering om hjernehelse, korona og den norske nevrocovid-studien på NRK P1 Pluss.

Prosjektleder Anne Hege Aamodt var invitert som frokostgjest 11. januar 2022 for å fortelle om nevrologiske komplikasjoner ved covid-19 og den norske nevrocovid-studien.

De fleste som blir rammet av Covid-19 blir kvitt symptomene raskt, men noen pasienter kan få langvarige nevrologiske skader. Gjest: Anne Hege Aamodt 
Link til sendingen (11.01.2022 · 1 t 55 min)

Fra Nevrologisk Tidsskrift, 24.01.2022: Hver tiende får langvarige plager etter covid-19

Mens en av tre får hjernerelaterte symptomer i akuttfasen ved covid-19, har hver tiende symptomer mer enn tre måneder etter å ha hatt covid-19. Hos mange av dem er nevrologiske manifestasjoner en vesentlig forklaring.

Link til artikkelen:
Hver tiende får langvarige plager etter covid-19 (Nevrologisk Tidsskrift, 24.01.2022)

Vinnere av Christmas Challenge

Teamet i Oslo som er vist under var en av vinnerne av Christmas Challenge i denne internasjonale multisenterstudien som undersøker effekten av trombektomi av store hjerneinfarkter.

Studien ledes fra Heidelberg og foregår i en rekke land i Europa og Canada. Anne Hege Aamodt er nasjonal leder av studien i Norge og PI ved OUS.

First row – Study nurse Christina Kefaloykos, Anne Hege Aamodt and Erika Hallerstig – our young colleague who recruited the patient in December.
Second row- Brian Enriquez (neurologist, helping with blinded follow-up assssments), Bjørn Tennøe (Head of the neuroradiologists and one of two INRs directly involved in the TENSION trial), Stephen J Ryan (neurologist, helping with blinded follow-up assssments).
Mona Skjelland, Terje Nome Karolina Skagen were not available.

The Norwegian Neurological Association celebrating 100 years!

On the 29th of October 2020 the Norwegian Neurological Association is having a virtual national meeting on the 100th anniversary of the association. where a session with Covid-19 is included. 
On October 29 at 12-16.30, the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Neurological Association will be with with a virtual meeting at Zoom. There will be lectures about Covid-19 and the brain with Michael Zandi from Queen Square in London and Prof Hanne F.  Harbo, the Head of the Department of Neurology at Oslo University Hospital in collaboration with the other  Norwegian neurological departments. There will also be an anniversary celebration with the launch of the anniversary book and the awarding of a number of prestigious prizes. Aamodt has been the president of the Norwegian Neurological Association since 2014 and is the chair of the meeting. Registration to the meeting is here:
For more information:

5th European Stroke Organisation Conference (EOC), Milan, 22-24 May 2019. ESOC The European Stroke Organisation Conference

The NOR-FIB study is presented at two sessions during ESOC with new data from the biomarker study and updated data on the inclusion of participants. Many of the investigators participated at the Investigator meeting during the first day of the congress.

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EAN Investigator Award 2018 to Anne Hege Aamodt

Anne Hege Aamodt, manager of ECRI, was during the EAN conference given the "EAN Investigator Award 2018" for her presentasjonen entitled "Effect and safety of tenecteplase in stroke patients with atrial fibrillation".

Investigator Award Winners 2018

EAN congress Lisbon 2018 homepage

June 16-19 2018 The 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Lisbon

At the 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Lisbon (EAN 2018) three studies were presented from the group. 
Gry Grønli had an ePresentation from a single centre study on cerebral venous thrombosis from Oslo University Hospital. PhD student Anna T. Lambert presented data from the pilot study of NOR-FIB at an oral session and Anne Hege Aamodt presented data with atrial fibrillation in NOR-TEST study.
Both NOR-FIB and NOR-TEST were selected for the highlight session of the congress. Next year the congress is in Oslo and a lot of preparation for the congress was done in Lisbon both by the local organising committee and by the Norwegian Neurological Association which Anne Hege Aamodt is the president of. You can find more information on the EAN2018 here:

May 16-18 2018 European Stroke Organisation Congress in Gothenburg

Anne Hege Aamodt was invited speaker at the European Stroke Organisation Congress in Gothenburg in May to talk about treatment in Central Retinal Artery Occlusion and presented at new planned international randomised controlled trial with tenecteplase - the TEN-CRAOS Study.
The NOR-FIB study was also presented at ESOC by PhD student Anna T. Lambert and there was an Investigator meeting with participants from all Scandinavian countries.

March 12-16 2018 Nevrodagene

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