Aamodt co-author of Nature paper

Aamodt is part of the CHARGE Consortium and a co-author of the paper:

Stroke genetics informs drug discovery and risk prediction across ancestries
Aniket Mishra, Rainer Malik, Tsuyoshi Hachiya, Tuuli Jürgenson, Shinichi Namba, Daniel C. Posner, et al.
Nature. 2022 Sep 30:1-15. doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-05165-3. 
PMID: 36180795

A large international collaborative study gathering >200,000 stroke patients and >2 million control individuals from five different ancestries identifies association signals for stroke and its subtypes at 89 (61 new) independent genetic loci.

This study provides critical insight to inform future biological research into the pathogenesis of stroke and its subtypes. It reveals putative causal genes, highlighting F11, KLKB1, PROC, GP1BA, LAMC2 and VCAM1 as potential drug targets for intervention to prevent or treat stroke.

Moreover, it provides genetic risk prediction tools for stroke, enhanced and validated for the first time in non-European ancestry populations, to inform precision prevention and precision drug development.

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