The Norwegian Neurological Association celebrating 100 years!

On the 29th of October 2020 the Norwegian Neurological Association is having a virtual national meeting on the 100th anniversary of the association. where a session with Covid-19 is included. 
On October 29 at 12-16.30, the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Neurological Association will be with with a virtual meeting at Zoom. There will be lectures about Covid-19 and the brain with Michael Zandi from Queen Square in London and Prof Hanne F.  Harbo, the Head of the Department of Neurology at Oslo University Hospital in collaboration with the other  Norwegian neurological departments. There will also be an anniversary celebration with the launch of the anniversary book and the awarding of a number of prestigious prizes. Aamodt has been the president of the Norwegian Neurological Association since 2014 and is the chair of the meeting. Registration to the meeting is here:
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