Cancellation of seminar: Lectures March 17th cancelled

The talks by Ian M. Willis and Emanual Rosonina planned for March 17th at 10:00-12:00 in Domus Medica are cancelled due to rules implemented at UiO to fight the virus Covid 19.

The announcement for the now cancelled talks was as follows:

Pierre Chymkowitch from the Department of Microbiology and Jorrit M. Enserink from the Department of Molecular Cell Biology are pleased to announce that at the occasion of the PhD defense of Aurélie Nguéa P, committee members Prof.Ian M. Willis (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York City, USA) and Ass. Prof. Emanuel Rosonina (York University, Toronto, Canada) will present their most recent work.

These two talks will be held back to back in room 2180/2183 at Domus Medica between 10:00 and 12:00 on the 17th of March 2020. 

The titles of their seminars will respectively be:

Metabolic Impact of Unrestrained Transcription by RNA Polymerase III” (Willis)


SUMO and transcription: Countless targets, but what does it do?” (Rosonina)

We are looking forward to welcoming you to these very exciting seminars!
Pierre Chymkowitch and Jorrit M. Enserink






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