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Forsknings­arrangementer - Det medisinske fakultet

08.01.2021Simula Summer School in Computational Physiology


This summer school will give you the opportunity to perform cutting edge research with the world's leading researchers in their fields.

05.05.2021BII Summer School 2021


In introducing this new summer school Bioinnovation Institute, in collaboration with CBS Executive, is taking yet another initiative to increase the understanding of innovation and commercialisation among life science researchers.

04.08.2021Digital Public Defence: Mari Storli Rasmussen


MSc Mari Storli Rasmussen at Institute of Health and Society will be defending the thesis “It’s a family experience – improving patient and family functioning after traumatic brain injury. A randomized controlled trial of a family-centred intervention” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor).

07.07.2021NORA.startup #18: AI Startup Stories


In this week's NORA.startup webinar, you will meet some of NORA.startup's members. Smart Inspection, Neddy and Disputas will present themselves and share some of their experiences on how to become a successful AI startup, possibilities, and which typical pitfalls to avoid. We'll end the webinar with a plenary discussion on common interests, synergies and ideas, and how we might get better at helping each other. So tune in if you are a startup or planning on launching one and wish to learn from other like minded entrepreneurs.

Register by following the link below:

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19.01.2021PhD course in Computational neuroscience


This course will give you theoretical insight and practical skills related to biophysics-based modelling of neurons, neural networks and associated brain signals.

10.03.2021Crash course in navigating academic life


Want to learn more about supervisor-student communication, how to deal with failure, how to avoid getting burnt out, de-stressing and relaxation? Then this crash course is for you.

08.10.20205th conference of Digital Life Norway Research School


The annual conference for and by the members of the research school.

29.04.2020The Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2021

Sustainable cancer care using molecular tests - from a prostate cancer perspective

19.01.2021PhD course in Metabolomics: methods and applications


This course gives an introduction to the use of metabolomics - the systematic study of metabolic profiles in biological samples and tissues.

18.06.20212 day workshop: Horizon Europe Proposal Writing Focus: Impact


Are you planning on writing your first grant proposal? Or have you tried earlier, but not been successful? This course helps you understand the key success features of EU research and innovation projects, which preparatory steps to take, and explains the tasks and responsibilities of the partners.

26.04.2021Official opening of dScience and The Data Science Day @ UiO 2021


dScience, BigInsight and SIRIUS are welcoming you to the forth annual DataScienceDay@UiO.

27.05.2021Digital Life 2021


Digital Life is the annual meeting place for the centre management and research projects. This year we invite you to join us in Oslo 11 November for inspiring plenary lectures, know-how workshops and social gathering. We also plan to organise a public event in the evening 10 November and an associated AI workshop with collaborators 12 November. Save the dates!

09.06.2021Workshop whole room indirect calorimetry


This workshop will give an introduction to respirometry and how to use the whole room calorimetry.

In addition, a theoretical and practical introduction on the Promethion architecture and specifics of the Hohenheim system will also be presented, including system calibration and validation by propane burn.

06.05.2021PhD course in Correlative light and electron microscopy


This course is a hands-on methods course in advanced techniques for light and electron microscopy used in modern biomedical research.

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