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06.05.2024Kickstart for ETHME

illustration, a light blu background, a hand holding a black pen, the word Mortality

With the prestigious ERC Starting Grant from the EU, Carl Tollef Solberg's ETHME project is now underway and recruiting to strengthen the team.

24.04.2024“Responsible open science must be recognized as fundamental to the governance of academic freedom”

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A roundtable discussion at the European Parliament provided valuable insights into navigating the complexities of Open Science and Academic Freedom.

06.11.2023New Study Gives Hope to Patients with Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Illustration GP in deep conversation with patient.

A newly developed communication tool, specifically designed for use in primary care, has reduced sick leave and increased the quality of life for patients, a randomized study shows.

26.09.2023Twice as many undocumented pregnant women are severely ill when they seek help at the emergency room

Woman in a hospital bed with a newborn baby on her chest

A new UiO-study shows that pregnant, undocumented women are more often severely ill and must be admitted to the hospital, when they seek help at the emergency room in Oslo.

02.06.2023Systematic family involvement is important in the treatment of patients with psychotic disorders

People walking in a hospital corridor

Researchers at the Centre for Medical Ethics have studied the significance of systematic family involvement for patients with psychotic disorders.

16.05.2023Researchers have studied Norwegians' attitudes towards euthanasia and assisted suicide

Two hands holding the hand of an elderly person

The support was strongest towards assisted suicide conducted by a doctor, when the patient described had a terminal illness with short life expectancy.

12.05.2023What do we know about end-of-life treatment for patients?

A nurse holding their arm around the shoulder of an elderly woman

Eight out of ten Norwegians believe that the next of kin are responsible for making decisions about life-prolonging treatment when patients cannot make decisions themselves. This is incorrect.

03.05.2023Fierce competition between manufacturers of antibiotics in China and India

Antibiotic capsules and pills in different colors

Antibiotic trade between India and China was a space of communication and contestation, involving entangled stakeholders and interests from both countries.

31.03.2023Does an increased non-attendance fee motivate more patients to attend appointments in the healthcare services?

Health care worker walking in a hospital hallway

Joar Røkke Fystro, PhD-student at the University of Oslo, mapped out arguments for and against the non-attendance fee in public documents.

03.02.2023Researchers have the responsibility for the stories they request and retell

Old fashioned typewriter with a sheet that says what's your story?

Anette Bringedal Houge uses experiences from her own research projects to discuss ethical dilemmas researchers face when working on sensitive topics.

09.12.2022Horizon scanning – useful for identifying new healthcare services?

Elderly woman with walking stick

Researchers at NORCHER – Norwegian Centre for Health Services Research have studied whether horizon scanning can be used to identify new and innovative healthcare services.

06.12.2022Infections are the main cause of hydrocephalus in African children

Camilla Grøver Aukrust and Per Kristian Eide

In a systematic review in The Lancet, PhD-student Camilla Grøver Aukrust and colleagues have studied the causes of hydrocephalus in African children.

28.11.2022ASCERTAIN: New Horizon Europe research project to improve the affordability and sustainability of innovative health technologies

22.11.2022Undocumented women do not get enough care during pregnancy

A mother hugging her newborn child

Many came too late to recieve prenatal care. There was a high occurence of emergency c-sections, babies being born too early or stillborn amoung the women.

03.11.2022European funding for research on emerging breakthrough technology

The European Innovation Council Pathfinder Challenges program funds the international research consortium “Supervised Morphogenesis in Gastruloids” - SUMO

18.10.2022India is one of the world’s leading producers of antibiotics

Photo of Lise Bjerke

India produces 20 percent of all generic medicines worldwide, but depends on ingredients from China to make the medicines.

10.10.2022Colonoscopy-screening does not prevent colorectal cancer as well as previously assumed

Doctors performing a colonoscopy

New study shows that colonoscopy-screening reduces the risk of getting colorectal cancer by 18 percent. The reduction is less than experts previously assumed.

07.10.2022Patients with severe mental disorders get better treatment with family involvement

Clinicians putting their hands together

Study contributes to new knowledge about what prevents and promotes family involvement in treatment of patients with severe mental disorders.

23.09.2022Using AI during cancer-screening results in more recommended controls

Photo of Yuichi Mori

The patients are recommended controls every three years.

19.08.2022Nursing science at UiO is ranked 47 in the 2022 ShanghaiRanking

Sykepleier som holder pasients hånd (illustrasjonsfoto)

Nursing science at the Department of Health and Society, University of Oslo is ranked number 47 in this year's ShanghaiRanking - 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

15.06.20224.7 Million Euro for new UiO-led EU-Project

Illustration, drawing of a pink intestine on light blue background. Medical personnel standing around.

Dr. Yuichi Mori at the Clinical Effectiveness Research Group will lead a large new research project that aims to find solutions for clinical validation of artificial intelligence. The goal is to improve the diagnosis and therapy of colorectal cancer and polyps.

17.01.2022"We need to rethink the methodology of assessing and supplementing iodine to large population groups"

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Too little or too much iodine can have dramatic consequences on human health. Much can be accomplished with small measures, but these must consider local iodine variations, research from Somaliland shows.

15.12.2021Network funds for social study of microbes

Bildet kan inneholde: design.

Helsam researchers are part of a new Helsinki-led network that recently received workshop funding from The Joint Committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences (NOS-HS).

26.11.2021Opening training centers during the pandemic: A clinical trial

Public health mitigation measures such as social distancing, closing training centers and wearing face masks have been used during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the benefits and harms of these measures are poorly understood.

22.09.2020Research Fellow - Awarded the 2020 Audrey Richards Prize

We are thrilled to announce Jacinta Victoria S. Muinde, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Institute of Health and Society at UiO has been awarded the ASAUK (African Studies Association of the UK) Audrey Richards Prize 2020 for the best PhD dissertation in African Studies.


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