The Inven2 Idea Prize 2019 won by OUH scientists

The Inven2 idea prize 2019 was during the Cutting Egde Festival on October 24th awarded to a group of scientists from Oslo University Hospital for a new measurement system for assessing diabetic polyneuropathy. The researchers behind the idea are Christian Tronstad, Håvard Kalvøy, Ørjan G. Martinsen, Trond Jenssen, Jonny Hisdal, Inge Petter Kleggetveit and Ole Elvebakk. The award amounts to 250.000 NOK.

News article from inven2 (in Norwegian):
Og, vinneren er: en smartsokk for diabetikere!

Movie presenting the idea (in English):
Winner of idéprisen 2019 - Smart sock for preventing diabetic foot (via YouTube)

From left: Håvard Kalvøy, Christian Tronstad, Jonny Hisdal and project leader for Inven2 Elin Melby.



About the Oslo University Hospital scientists involved:

From the Oslo Bioimpedance Group at Oslo Hospital Service:
Christian Tronstad
Håvard Kalvøy
Ørjan G. Martinsen
Ole Elvebakk

From the Norwegian Experimental Cell transplantation group at the Department of Transplantation Medicine:
Trond Geir Jenssen

From the Department of Vascular Diseases
Jonny Hisdal

From NEMU - Neurological and musculoskeletal pain and genetics at the Department of Neurology
Inge Petter Kleggetveit

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