OUS research blog article: Treating rare bleeding disease with cancer medicine

Johan Steineger (left) and Sinan Dheyauldeen
Johan Steineger (left) and Sinan Dheyauldeen

In a recent OUS research blog article Johan Steineger and Sinan Dheyauldeen from the Department for Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery explain how they came to treating patients with Morbus Osler - a rare autosomal dominant disorder that affects blood vessels throughout the body (causing vascular dysplasia) and results in a tendency for bleeding. - with the anti-angiogenic medicine Avastin, which is often used with chemotherapy to prevent tumor growth.


Article (in Norwegian) from the Oslo University Hospital research blog "Forskningssykehuset":
Behandler blødersykdom med kreftmedisin

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