├ůsmund Eikenes awarded "Hjernekraftprisen 2013"

┼smund Eikenes

PhD student ├ůsmund Husab├Ş Eikenes from Harald Stenmark's group at Department of Biochemistry, the Institute for Cancer research has been awarded the "Hjernekraftprisen 2013" (the "Brain power" prize), an award distributed by the The Norwegian Association of Researchers (Forskerforbundet). The prize supports and promotes science dissemination, and is part of the campaign "Hjernekraftverk" ("Brain power plants"), highlighting the societal importance of investing in research and development.

The prize of 100,000 NOK is given by The Norwegian Association of Researchers and shared between three participants.


The contribution Begeistra grunnforsking from Eikenes (in Norwegian), published on the major popular science web site forskning.no.

Read more about Hjernekraftprisen 2013 (in Norwegian), from the NAR home page

├ůsmund Eikenes

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