70th Anniversary 9th-10th September - early registration 8 July The Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2024

In 2024, the Institute for Cancer Research at Oslo University Hospital turns 70 years old. The institute has more than 380 employees spread over seven sections and constitutes Norway's largest cancer research environment.
The institute marks 70 years with an anniversary symposium at The Hub in Oslo 9-10 September, with support from Hydro's Fund for Cancer Research.
A special highlight will be the opening lecture by Douglas Hanahan, entitled "Hallmarks of Cancer in 2024".
The deadline for early registration is 8 July, and the late registration deadline is 5 August.

The program includes 15 speakers (of which 11 are international) distributed over 5 sessions in addition to an opening lecture. The program reflects the breadth of cancer research taking place at the institute. There will also be two poster sessions and eight short lectures selected from submitted abstracts. All registered participants are encouraged to present their research in the form of posters! 

Kjetil Taskén, head of the Institute for Cancer Research, would in particular like to highlight the opening lecture by Douglas Hanahan entitled "Hallmarks of Cancer in 2024". Hanahan together with Bob Weinberg wrote the famous review article "The Hallmarks of Cancer" published in Cell in 2000, that appeared in new editions in 2011 and 2022 (cited more than 80,000 times in total). 


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