Findings covered by feature article in national newspaper VG: A versatile Fc technology broadly applicable in antibody design aiming for long-acting prophylactic or therapeutic interventions

First author Stian Foss (left) and senior author Jan Terje Andersen
First author Stian Foss (left) and senior author Jan Terje Andersen

In a paper published in Nature Communcations, the laboratory of Professor Jan Terje Andersen and collaborators report on a novel antibody constant region (Fc) variant that is designed to give antibodies broad biodistribution and make them long-acting in the body. These features allow the antibodies to reach the site of action at high concentrations, and the improvements in pharmacokinetics are expected to increase patient convenience, treatment adherence and reduce costs for the healthcare system. This is particularly important for treatment of life-long chronic diseases and for prophylactic treatment of severe infections.

The findings have been covered by several media outlets, including the major Norwegian newspaper VG.

The research is funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Cancer Society and South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.


From VG:
Jan Terje skaper medisiner med superkrefter

From Civitan:
Alzheimers sykdom kjennetegnes ved at visse typer proteiner klumper seg sammen i hjernen. Kan antistoffer utviklet i laboratoriet fjerne de?

From (in Norwegian):
I fremtiden trenger du kanskje ikke ta faste medisiner like ofte som i dag

From EurekAlert!:
A versatile antibody technology allowing design of long-acting antibodies with tailored target-dependent mode of actions

From Medwatch (in Norwegien, requires login):
Authera-gründer har tatt patent på ny antistoffteknologi

The Nature Communications article:
Foss S, Sakya SA, Aguinagalde L, Lustig M, Shaughnessy J, Cruz AR, Scheepmaker L, Mathiesen L, Ruso-Julve F, Anthi AK, Gjølberg TT, Mester S, Bern M, Evers M, Bratlie DB, Michaelsen TE, Schlothauer T, Sok D, Bhattacharya J, Leusen J, Valerius T, Ram S, Rooijakkers SHM, Sandlie I, Andersen JT (2024)
Human IgG Fc-engineering for enhanced plasma half-life, mucosal distribution and killing of cancer cells and bacteria
Nat Commun, 15 (1), 2007
DOI 10.1038/s41467-024-46321-9, PubMed 38453922

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