Biomedical research at Oslo University Hospital

Oslo University Hospital is a merger of three former university hospitals in Oslo. Biomedical research is one of the hospital's core activities. Research at the hospital is closely interlinked with research undertaken at the University of Oslo. More than 50% of all biomedical research in Norway is published by researchers affiliated with the hospital. Research undertaken cover both basic research, translational research, and clinical research.

Oslo University Hospital has a central role in developing and supporting biomedical research within the South-Eastern Regional Health Authority. The hospital also pursues international research collaborations.

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Summary of publications:

Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2020 from OUS - Experimental Immunotherapy (Olweus)

3 publications found

Bartok O, Pataskar A, Nagel R, Laos M, Goldfarb E, Hayoun D, Levy R, Körner PR, Kreuger IZM, Champagne J, Zaal EA, Bleijerveld OB, Huang X, Kenski J, Wargo J, Brandis A, Levin Y, Mizrahi O, Alon M, Lebon S, Yang W, Nielsen MM, Stern-Ginossar N, Altelaar M, Berkers CR et al. (2020)
Anti-tumour immunity induces aberrant peptide presentation in melanoma
Nature, 590 (7845), 332-337
DOI 10.1038/s41586-020-03054-1, PubMed 33328638

Evers M, Ten Broeke T, Jansen JHM, Nederend M, Hamdan F, Reiding KR, Meyer S, Moerer P, Brinkman I, Rösner T, Lebbink RJ, Valerius T, Leusen JHW (2020)
Novel chimerized IgA CD20 antibodies: Improving neutrophil activation against CD20-positive malignancies
MAbs, 12 (1), 1795505
DOI 10.1080/19420862.2020.1795505, PubMed 32744145

Geier CB, Farmer JR, Foldvari Z, Ujhazi B, Steininger J, Sleasman JW, Parikh S, Dilley MA, Pai SY, Henderson L, Hazen M, Neven B, Moshous D, Sharapova SO, Mihailova S, Yankova P, Naumova E, Özen S, Byram K, Fernandez J, Wolf HM, Eibl MM, Notarangelo LD, Calabrese LH, Walter JE (2020)
Vasculitis as a Major Morbidity Factor in Patients With Partial RAG Deficiency
Front Immunol, 11, 574738
DOI 10.3389/fimmu.2020.574738, PubMed 33193364

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