Jan-Vegard Nilsen

  • Psychologist/Doctoral Research Fellow
  • +47 23 02 73 94

Jan-Vegard Nilsen joined the research team in august 2017 as a PhD-candidate. Educated as a clinical psychologist, he previously has worked for over a decade with adolescent ED, both within an outpatient setting and at higher levels of care. 

Ongoing Research

Family-based inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa: User-perspective experiences.  With his PhD he aims to understand better how the inpatient context can be enabled in more promising ways for adolescents and families in need of higher levels of care. An important vantage point is a) the emerging evidence base that supports offering outpatient family-based therapy for adolescent ED, and b) the called for need to provide better ways to adapt and incorporate family-based approaches at higher levels of care. By applying qualitative methodology he investigates users’ experiences with having received longer term family admissions, at a specialized ED-unit. By investigating the former patients’ and family members’ experiences, and discuss implications and dilemmas, he seek to provide knowledge that can be of value for advancing treatment development - and generally; add to the ongoing debate on howto provide inpatient treatment in more competent ways. Together with utilizing user perspectives, he’s interviewing experienced clinicians to shed further light on how the many dilemmas embedded in inpatient care can be solved in better ways.

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