Inger Halvorsen

  • Researcher/Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; PhD
  • +47 23 01 63 54

Inger Halvorsen is a specialist in child- and adolescent psychiatry. She has has had a combined clinical and research position at RASP since 2007. Her research is clinically oriented, with a particular focus on treatment outcome in patients admitted to RASP. Her most recent research project is a longitudinal follow-up study of adolescents that have received family-based inpatient treatment at RASP’s adolescent unit. The main findings from this study have been published in international, peer-reviewed journals, but the richness of the dataset will allow for a number of future quantitative and qualitative studies. 

Ongoing Research

Treatment satisfaction” in former patients, mothers and fathers that have received family-based inpatient treatment at RASP during the time period 2008-2014. Potential associations between family members’ retrospective perceptions of treatment and outcome variables will be explored.

Siblings experiences” with family admission at RASP.  A small group of siblings have taken part in this study which includes both quantitative and qualitative data. Annika Rø, Karen Elise Espeland and Krister Fjermestad at the Institute of Psychology, Oslo University, have performed the qualitative analyses.

Useful factors” to recover from eating disorders and useful factors for parents of adolescents with AN. This is part of the follow-up study of families that have received family-based inpatient treatment.

Course and outcome in adolescents treated with multifamily therapy at RASP”. This project is collaboration with the multi-family team at RASP where patients, parents and siblings take part in assessment at treatment start, at the end of treatment and at 6-months follow-up. The data will be analyzed to describe changes in physical and psychological health, parental trust in their ability to reverse the eating disorder and treatment satisfaction.

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