Division of Medicine

Dan AtarHead of research
Dan Atar
Head of research

Division of Medicine (Medical Clinic) has a large diversity and substantial scale in its ongoing research activities. Our main research focus areas are clinical research such as translational research, epidemiological studies, and clinical interventional studies. We seek to maintain and strengthen these research areas also in the future. The different research groups cover most of the internal medicine subspecialties, which leads to a somewhat fragmented research structure in this Clinic. The research in our Medical Clinic is – and therefore shall be – researcher driven. Each research group has an individual profile and is working towards its own long-term academic goals. The aim of this plan is to define some of the specific and overarching measures that shall (i) contribute to pointing out future directions, and (ii) to facilitate continuous high-level research. We believe this will ultimately enhance and serve the patients of this Clinic, as good research provides opportunities for better patient treatment.

Research documents and strategic action plans

RCN EVALMEDHELSE 2023-2024 (PDF) - Combined file displaying the links of the departments at “DIV. OF MEDICINE” and the most important study links incl. funding sources:

Strategic Action Plan for Research 2021 - 2023 (PDF)

Documents in Norwegian:

Handlings- og strategiplan forskning 2021 - 2023 (PDF)

Etablering av forskningsgrupper og funksjonsbeskrivelse for forskningsgruppeledere (PDF)

Forskergrupper MDK-JAN-2024 (xlsx)

Forskningsgrupper-mandat-eHåndboken-2018 (docx)