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Drug use in the elderly

The overall aim of the research group is to obtain knowledge that can form the basis for safe drug use in the elderly.

About the group

Older people often use many medicines. This can be of great benefit, but the risk of side effects is also high. The health problems may be complex, and the tradeoff between benefits and harms may be complicated.

The knowledge base that has been obtained through research on young and fit patients may be of uncertain validity for older people living with frailty.


  • Anticholinergic drug effects in nursing home patients
  • The COOP trial:
    Collaboration between geriatrician and family physician on optimized drug use in the elderly
  • The COOP-II trial:
    Optimization of drug use in patients admitted to municipality hospitals
  • BE-SAFE:
    Implementing a patientcentred and evidence-based intervention to reduce BEnzodiazepine and sedative-hypnotic use to improve patient SAFEty and quality of care

Selected publications

  • Kersten H, Molden E, Tolo IK, Skovlund E, Engedal K, Wyller TB. Cognitive effects of reducing anticholinergic drug burden in a frail elderly population: a randomized controlled trial. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2013; 68: 271-8. 
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  • Romskaug R, Wyller TB, Straand J, Kersten H, Molden E. Prescribed doses of CYP2D6-metabolized drugs and hemodynamic responses in relation to CYP2D6 genotype among older patients exposed to polypharmacy. Drugs Aging 2020; 37: 425-33. 
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  • Veddeng S, Madland H, Molden E, Wyller TB, Romskaug R. Association between statin use and physical performance in home-dwelling older patients receiving polypharmacy: cross-sectional study. BMC Geriatr 2022; 22: 242. 
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