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Publications (original articles or review articles) published in 2013 from OUS - Medisinsk teknologisk virksomhet

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Abir R, Pettersen FJ, Martinsen G, Rabbani KS (2013)
Effect of a spherical object in 4 electrode Focused Impedance Method (FIM): measurement and simulation
J Phys: Conf Ser, 434, 012009
PublikaID 212

Schwingenschuh S, Hajnsek M, Scharfetter H, Martinsen OG, Tiffner K, Dragatin C, Raml R, Mautner A, Bodenlenz M, Sinner F (2013)
Skin impedance measurements support ex-vivo penetration studies for topical applied drugs
Biomed Tech (Berl) (in press)
PubMed 24043178

Tronstad C, Kalvy H, Grimnes S, Martinsen (2013)
Improved estimation of sweating based on electrical properties of skin
Ann Biomed Eng, 41 (5), 1074-83
PubMed 23325304

Tronstad C, Kalvy H, Grimnes S, Martinsen G (2013)
Waveform difference between skin conductance and skin potential responses in relation to electrical and evaporative properties of skin
Psychophysiology, 50 (11), 1070-8
PubMed 23889171