Research projects

The ENTRAPME project – Improved diagnostics for nerve entrapments using machine learning - National study, funding from HSØ. 2024–
The DIGMINE project - Digital gold mining in historical neurophysiological datas – National quality study 2020- .
Neurological home hospital - Innovation study funded by South-Eastern Health Authority. 2022 - 2024
Exploring the GEnetics of NEUropathic Pain – The GeNeup study – National study, funding from NRC. 2017-
Norwegian version
English version 
Popular science version (in Norwegian) - Vanskelig å diagnostisere nervesmerter i føtter
Motor neurons – can they be counted? Clinical study on a new biomarker for ALS 2019-
Tak-861 clinical studies
Responsible for development and maintenance of "Neuroscience registry for research and quality studies" for Oslo University Hospital 2014 –.
Collaborative projects


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