The Division of Technology and Innovation

Head of division: Jan Olav Høgetveit

The Technology and Innovation Division (TIK) was established in May 2021 with mandate overseeing the hospital's technological advancements. Its primary role involves managing and nurturing the integration of new technologies to enhance patient care. A central goal of TIK is to invigorate technology-based medicine. The Research and Development of TIK is interdisciplinary encompassing several key areas:

  • Minimally invasive surgery and interventions guided by imaging technologies such as MRI, CT PET, SPECT, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound
  • Implementation of robotics, navigation systems, and simulations for surgeries and interventions
  • Harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) for processing large image and data sets
  • Pioneering developments in sensor technology
  • Explorations in the realm of synthetic biology

The Research and Development efforts of TIK are based at The Intervention Centre ( with six research groups and at The Department of Medical Technology (Oslo Bioimpedance and Medical Technology Group). Moreover, TIK oversees the management of Health2B, a newly established collaborative platform at Oslo Science City, fostering public-private partnerships in healthcare innovation.