Single cell analysis of breast tumors at different time points of therapies

We are analyzing biopsies, before, between and at the end of treatment for 3 clinical trials:

NeoLetExe: A trial assessing the effect of aromatase inhibitors (letrozole and exemestane) in postmenopausal, locally advanced patients with ER+ breast cancer.

NeoLetRib: Patients with locally advanced, ER-positive cancer receive neoadjuvant therapy with letrozole (Femar) in combination with ribociclib (Kisquali) for 6 months.

ALICE: A randomized phase IIb study evaluating the effects of the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in triple negative metastatic breast cancers. 

The main method applied on these biopsies is single cell RNA sequencing on freshly dissociated cells. We also aim in the future at using the remaining cryopreserved material from these biopsies to apply, in collaboration, one or several of the following: scATAC-seq, scDNA-seq, scChIP-seq.

An example of our single cell data analysis showing the different cell types identified in breast tumors.


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