16.09.2022 DETECT Acute - collaborative initiative - Odense & Oslo University Hospital.

Phantom scan
Phantom scan

Successful completion of phantom scan with final calibration of scan parameters.  We are now looking forward to meet Associate Prof. Bo Mussmann from Odense University Hospital next week to exchange scan protocols. Everything looks good for study start in October.

Study details.


08.2022 KRN research fund - Mobility Grand

Good news! Successful mobility grand application! This mobility grand of 21.000 NOK was awarded to establish contact with a European university hospital, promote the application of CT spectral imaging and to initiate research.

16.12.2021 Successful Funding Application

Congratulations to Eli Marie Grindedal regarding "The PREPAIRD study" with successful HSØ application in the category "Open Project support".

Amount 1 - 3 mill. NOK per year

17.11.2021 Successful Funding Application

Congratulations to Harald Grut regarding successful application for "Vestre Viken forskningsmidler 2022"